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Azure – Batch – Add User into Local Administrators Group
Batch – Return Major Build Version
Batch – Return Available Drive Space in Gigabytes – No Decimals
SCCM Agent: CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80070643
Batch – Create PFX Certificate – Use for Code-Package Signing
Batch – Clear Windows Logs
Windows – Batch – Reset Default Local Windows Folders
Batch – Disable & Remove WAN Miniport
Batch – Replace Specific String in Text File
Batch – Simulating Arrays
Windows 10 – Batch – Set Product Key
Batch – Return Current User
SEP – Batch – Uninstaller_Removal
Batch – Setting Screen Brightness
Batch – Return True if Part of IP Address is Found
Batch – Turn Off Computer Screen
Batch – Add TCP/IP Printer in Windows via Scripted Commands {updated}

Batch – Return Serial Number of Certificate.cer File
AI – Batch – Chatbot With Text File Responses
Windows 10 – Batch – Exploring Quick Assist
Windows 10 – Batch – Create a Folder Junction
Windows 10 – Remove Provisioning Package
Windows 10 – Unpacking and Packing AppX Files
Windows – Batch – Check if User is Local Admin

Windows – Batch – Return a Profile Using Marker File
Batch – Google Chrome – Uninstall-Scrubber

Windows – Batch – Change Roaming Aggressiveness
Batch – Manage Windows Updates via a Script
Batch – Repair Windows Updates
Batch – Return Computer SID
Windows 10 – Batch – Add Pinned Items into Default User Profile
Batch – Reboot Computer if Up Time Greater than 5 Days
Batch – FileZilla Installer

Batch – LANDesk Local Admin Password Change
Batch – Engine Example – v2
Batch – Engine Example – v1
Batch – Verify Returned Values are Numbers
PowerShell/VBScript/Batch – Generate Report of Last Boot Time from Computers.txt
Batch – Install Windows Updates – Suppress Reboots
Batch/PowerShell – Inject Windows Updates into WIM
Batch – Query BitLocker Info – Single Machine
Batch – Query BitLocker Info – Multiple Machines
Batch – Engine to Install MSI on Remote Computers
Batch – Remove Google Toolbar – Any Version
Batch – Stop Ransomware – A Scripted Solution
Batch – Add Counter into Registry
Batch – Simple Counter
Batch – Windows – Set Computer to Boot to WinPE
Batch – Simulated While Statement
Batch – Redirection and Output
Batch – Return MAC Addresses from Enterprise Machines
Batch – IE10 Install Script
Batch – Updated iTunes Sequence File
Batch – Remove All Spaces from Variable
Batch File where String is Empty
Batch – Echoing Parentheses

Batch – Scripting the SymHelp.exe Utility
Batch – Fix ObjectID Errors when Mounting WIMs
Batch – Figure out which Drive to Image in your Startnet.cmd file
Batch – Merge MAC Address Files with Case Conversion
Batch – Installing Google Chat Plugin into your Image
Batch – Copy Files to Remote Machines via Server List
Batch – Clear temp and iPhone Stuff
Batch – TightVNC MSI Install Via .bat
Batch – Find Complex Strings
Batch – Change Bulk Folder Permissions
Batch – Import BitLocker Info into Active Directory
Batch – Remove Old GINA & Install New GINA
Batch – Hide Hidden Files and Folders
Batch – Query Show & Hide Hidden File and Folder Setting
Batch – Compare and Merge Specified Variables in Text Files
Batch – Scripted Registry Variable

Batch – Backup Computer to VHD
Batch – Iterate a folder in CMD
Batch – Dell BIOS Updater
Batch – Add App to Firewall

Batch – NIC Disable and Enable
Batch – If a Second Userprofile Gets Created, Fix It
Batch – Deleting Multiple Temp Profiles
Batch – Waiting for Multiple Processes to End
Batch – Scan Registry Looking for a String

Batch – Scripted Folder Redirection
Batch – Rollback IE11 to IE9 – 2 Pass Strategy

Batch – Stop Pending Windows Updates
Batch – Simple Email Address Compliance Check
Batch – Return a Specific Line in a Text File
Batch – Credant – Create DCID Report

Batch – Return First Character from Text File
Batch – Setting up BitLocker on Multiple Partitions
Batch – Verify Files Based on MD5 Hash in WinPE
Batch – Verify Files Based on Size and Date in WinPE
Batch – Adding a Refresh Option to the Boot Menu
Batch – Create/Import Custom LANDesk Entry into LANDesk Database
Batch – Script to Import BitLocker Recovery Info and Update Computer Description in AD
Batch – Remote Execution on Windows 7 Machines

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