Current Releases

Microsoft Edge Browser 126.0.2592.113 is availablepost
MSIX Packaging Tool 2023.118.902.0 is availablepost
PowerShell Release v7.4.3 is available
PowerToys Release v0.82.1 is available
Remote Desktop Windows client 1.2.5559.0 is available
Skype for Desktop is availablepost
Visual Studio Code 1.91.1 is availablepost
Windows Terminal v1.21.1772.0 is availablepost
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Recent Posts

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When in doubt, run ProcMon: Process Monitor  | Process Explorer

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The Internet Explorer 11 desktop app will be permanently disabled as part of February 2023 updates

4/27/2023 22H2 Final Windows 10 Update – End of Support

7/9/2024 Windows Updates KB5040427
6/11/2024 Windows Updates KB5039211
5/14/2024 Windows Updates KB5037768
4/9/2024 Windows Updates KB5036892
3/12/2024 Windows Updates KB5035845
2/13/2024 Windows Updates KB5034763
1/9/2024 Windows Updates KB5034122
12/14/2023 Upcoming changes to Windows single sign-on



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