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Official Azure Documentation (Microsoft) (website)  [free]
 – Azure Portal
 – Azure Active Directory
 – Windows Virtual Desktop
 – Virtual Machines
 – Azure Files
 – Azure Storage

Intune Documentation (Microsoft) (website)  [free]
 – Set up Intune

 – Device Enrollment
 – Add Apps to Intune 
 – Overview of Windows Autopilot
 – Windows Autopilot for existing devices

 – Gather Computer HWID from SCCM for Autopilot

What is Azure Virtual Network?

Azure on reddit (website)  [free]

Azure on stackoverflow (website)  [free]

Azure on twitter (website)  [free]

Intune Administrative Template Windows 10 Settings (XLSX)  [free]

Azure in a Month of Lunches (PDF) (386 pages)  [free]

Kubernetes (PDF) (277 pages)  [free]

Azure Fridays (Microsoft) (videos)  [free]

My AZ-103 Cert page (retired)  [free]

My AZ-104 Cert page  [free]

My AZ-900 Cert page  [free]

Introduction to Azure (Microsoft) (courses)  [free] [excellent]

Azure Updates (Microsoft)  [free]

Learn more about cloud computing (Microsoft) (website)  [free]

Learn more about the Azure cloud platform (Microsoft) (website)  [free]

Azure Developer Tools (Microsoft) (website)  [free]

Azure SDKs and Command-line Tools (Microsoft) (website)  [free]

Azure Training Modules (Microsoft) (training)  [free]

Getting Azure Certified (Microsoft) (website)  [free info]

Set an individual user’s password to never expire (Microsoft)

Exciting Things To Pay Attention To

MSIX App Attach: The future of app delivery in virtual environments

Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure 
 Step 1: Prepare

Azure NetApp Files




Intune – Mac – Deploy a Mobileconfig
Mac – Intune/SCCM – Sign PKG, Wrap PKG for Deployment
Azure – AVD – Nerdio – Add AD Group to Host Session
PowerShell – Enabling All Notifications (Azure and Desktops)
App Attach – Create Shortcut
AVD – Acrobat 2020 – App Attach Testing
Azure – PowerShell – Add User into Local Administrators Group
Azure – Batch – Add User into Local Administrators Group

WVD – FSLogix Hung File Handlers

Intune – Flow of Downloads

Azure – PowerShell – Device User and Owner ObjectId
Windows – Intune – Disable Smart Screen
Intune – SCCM – Change Time Zone
Azure – Intune – Disable Antivirus Notification
Azure – PowerShell – Update Device Registered User
Azure – Intune – Deploy Apple iTunes Package 

currently migrating posts…

Intune – Deploy Skype Package
Intune – Deploy Acrobat Reader Package
Intune – Deploy Citrix Package
Intune – PowerShell – Add Screensaver Config
Azure – Create Virtual Network (Portal)
Azure – Create Virtual Machine (Portal)
Azure – Create Availability Set (Portal)
Azure – PowerShell – Create a VM
Azure – Replace Package Owner with Domain User Owner
Azure – CLI – Create Website in Azure Cloud Shell
Azure – CLI – Create VM in Azure Cloud Shell
Azure – Bulk Enrollment and Computer Name
Azure – PowerShell – Import BitLocker
Azure – PowerShell – Install AzureAD Cmdlets
Azure – PowerShell – Connect to Azure
Azure – PowerShell – Show All Devices
Azure – PowerShell – Show Specific Device
Azure – PowerShell – Show All Users
Azure – PowerShell – Show Specific User
Azure – PowerShell – Remove Device
Azure – PowerShell – Remove Registered Owner
Azure – PowerShell – Add Registered Owner
Azure – PowerShell – Add Registered User

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