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Microsoft SCCM Guides (Patch My PC) (videos)  [free] [excellent]

SCCM Infrastructure Management (Anoop) (website)  [free]

SCCM Management (Desai) (website)  [free]

Mac Management (Parallels) (website) (PDFs)  [free]

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Mac – Intune/SCCM – Sign PKG, Wrap PKG for Deployment
SCCM – Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 Console Error
SCCM Agent: CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80070643
SCCM – WQL – Return PKI-Client Certificate

Mac – Citrix Client – Detection Rule in SCCM
SCCM – PowerShell – Return Device Name using ResourceID
SCCM – PowerShell – Return Domain using ResourceID
Intune – SCCM – Change Time Zone
SCCM – Application Deploy Fails with Return Code -2016410844
SCCM – Hung or Frozen Configuration Manager Update
SCCM – Deploy Firefox as Application, Win Installer Error

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SCCM Agent – Repair – Uninstall
SCCM – PowerShell – Return Current User
Mac – SCCM – VLC CMMAC Error
SCCM – Link Two Packages, Run in Two Security Contexts
Mac – Bash – Parallels Agent Install Script
SCCM – PowerShell – Verify that clients can contact Configuration Manager
SCCM – BitLocker Management (from Microsoft)
SCCM – Batch – Install Apple iTunes –
SCCM – Agent Will Not Update Client Actions
SCCM – Policy – VBScript – Set Wallpaper Policy
SCCM – Policy – VBScript – Hide Desktop Icons
SCCM – Policy – VBScript – Disable Right Click
SCCM – Policy – VBScript – Disable C Drive
SCCM – Policy – C# – Set Wallpaper and WallpaperStyle in Windows
SCCM – Policy – C# – Disable Desktop Icons in Windows
SCCM – Policy – C# – Enable Desktop Icons in Windows
Windows 10 – Policy – Set Accent Color
Windows 10 – Policy – C++ – Change Background Color
Windows 10 – Policy – Disable Hello
Windows – Policy – Enable Terminal Services, Remote Desktop
Windows – Policy – Disable Run Command Policy
Windows – Policy – Disable Command Prompt Policy
Windows – Policy – Setting Wallpaper
Windows – Policy – Disable Access to Screensaver Settings
Windows – Policy – Set Screensaver Policy
SCCM – Mac – CMMAC and PKG
SCCM – Change Client Connection from Intranet to Internet
SCCM – PowerShell – Return MP Candidate Information
SCCM – PowerShell – Fix Software Center Shortcut
SCCM – Minimum Permissions Needed To Perform Client Push
SCCM – CTRL-ALT-DEL does not work on Remote Control Host
SCCM – Cannot Image Machine – Failed to Run Task Sequence (0x8007000F)
SCCM – Return All Package Names
SCCM – Query for Windows 10 by Build Numbers
SCCM – IP Addresses
SCCM – SQL – Edit SMS Query in CM Database
SCCM – View SMS Classes in SCCM Console
SCCM – Join SMS_R_System and SMS_R_User
SCCM – Use the Remote Control Viewer from Other Computers
SCCM – Windows 10 Upgrade – Error code 0x8007000d

SCCM – Install Agent on Workgroup Computer
SCCM – Change MP
SCCM – Force DP/MP to Remove Quickly
SCCM – PowerShell – Change Site Code
SCCM – SQL – Return Logged in Computers for Users
SCCM – SQL – Return Computers and IP Addresses
SCCM – Command Line Options for Setup
SCCM – Link AD Users/Groups to Collections
SCCM – PowerShell – SQL Query

SCCM – Application Stuck on Installing or Downloading
SCCM – Imaging, Join Domain Fails in Task Sequence

SCCM – PowerShell, VBScript – Name Computer in Task Sequence
SCCM – Task Sequence Variables
SCCM – Activate Office 2016 in Task Sequence
SCCM – Stamp Registry in Task Sequence
SCCM – PowerShell – Remove Reg Keys on Remote Computers
SCCM – Windows 10 – Upgrade Boot Loop
SCCM – Windows 10 Upgrade – Task Sequence failed: error code 0x800702C2
SCCM – Distribution Point Selection Steps
SCCM – Windows 10 Upgrade – Task Sequence failed error code 0xc1900204
SCCM – Windows 10 Upgrade – Update failed: error code 0x87D00708
SCCM – Windows 10 – Agent Stuck in Provisioning Mode
SCCM – Windows Updates in Log Files
SCCM – Failed to get class ‘CcmTables’ from WMI namespace: error code 0x80041002
SCCM – Expanding SCCM Right-Click Tools
SCCM – Windows 10 Upgrade – SetupComplete.cmd
SCCM – Fix Hung/Locked Task
SCCM – Delete Task Request – Software Center Task
SCCM – Computer Won’t Show up in Devices
SCCM – Allow Remote Control Without Permission
SCCM – VBScript – Return Data from SCCM DB No DSN
SCCM – PowerShell WMI for the SMS_R_System Class
SCCM – PowerShell – Set up Local Accounts
SCCM – wmic.exe – Issue Triggers using WMI
SCCM – Windows Upgrade Return Codes
SCCM – Package is showing Content Distribution ‘In Progress’

SCCM – Rebuild WMI
SCCM – Launch Control Panel Applet
SCCM – Install Distribution Point on Workgroup Computer
SCCM – How to Rebuild NAL
SCCM – PowerShell – Modify ADR’s Deadline Time
SCCM – VBScript – Return Records from Database with DSN
SCCM – Install CmdLets
SCCM – CmdLet Updates
SCCM – Configuring WORKGROUP Computers
SCCM – Add BitLocker Passwords
SCCM – More Advanced BitLocker Password Handling
SCCM – IIS Missing or Cannot Start w3svc
SCCM – System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070003)
SCCM – If IIS Becomes Corrupted, or Just Needs to be Completely Reset
SCCM – Restart the Whole WSUS/SUP Instance
SCCM – Automated WSUS & SUP Install
SCCM – Sync SUP Automatically
SCCM – Create New Site System Automatically
SCCM – System Center Configuration Manager Tools

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