“If you love something, you can put beauty into it.” – Donald Knuth

About the Site

I’d like to welcome you to Lab Core, my tech blog. What you will find here are solutions to technical problems, helpful code snippets, programming training, and just other—generally useful—computer science and IT-related information. Hopefully, you will come across something that will provide some level of insight into an existing problem, or that will expand your current knowledge base; that’s why I blog. What you will not find here are ads, pop ups, cookies that track you, or hidden code that exploits traffic. This is a non-commercial, non-profit site. I am an IT generalist—skills ranging from scripting, programming, and automation, to electronics and various types of hardware—so expect to see a wide variety of topics and concepts.

Please note, everything at my site is maintained by me. I’m just like the rest of you—I’m always working, and stay busy maintaining my own career skill set and education. My website provides me with a platform to share some of my knowledge and experience with all of you. Unfornately, the site is not really representative of what I do at work, as I cannot discuss or post details for the larger, more advanced projects I work on. That doesn’t prevent me from distilling snippets and useful code segments here and there. 🙂 

About Me

A little about me, I have been operating computers since the mid-80s, and professionally since 1993; over the years, gaining almost MrNetTek three decades of corporate experience. In software development, I program across multiple languages and platforms, create automated installation packages, design smart agents, and utilize reverse engineering techniques to find bugs and make software better. My official developer memberships include Apple and Microsoft. In system administration, I have managed hundreds of servers and back end apps, and tens of thousands of client machines; I hold two MCSEs, along with being certified in several server platforms. As a network engineer, I have worked with Cisco routers and switches, being responsible for the design, repairs, and administration of networks across multiple data centers. Many years ago, I even obtained the CCNA certification and worked in the field as a senior LAN/WAN engineer. In some circles, I’m known as MrNetTek.


These days, you can find me working as a computer systems engineer, developing desktop-server automation, creating DevOps solutions, and providing back end support for large-scale desktop management systems, such MrNetTek as LANDesk (Ivanti) and SCCM. My main focus is cloud automation and software engineering for packages (creating some 500+ automated, smart packages a year, every year). I do stay current across most technology platforms, including server operating systems, client operating systems, portable devices, and cloud tech. I am also involved in R&D in the areas of fuzzy logic and AI, where it runs parallel to, or intersects with, task automation. I really do have the best job in the world. When I’m not building things at work, or experimenting in the lab, I love reading books, playing pianodrawing, and binge watching Survivor (seriously, I have a Survivor problem). I’m a follower of Donald Knuth, because his work is amazing. I love learning new things, so expect to see more and more experiments, labs, and posts highlighting my many adventures into technology. I maintain this online presence as a way of giving back to the industry that has done so much for me. In my opinion, the technical community is one of the best communities to be a part of. It’s why I follow many talented people on Twitter-X (moved to Threads), and why I contribute as much as I can to our community. I spend a lot of time online, generally speaking…so, I’m available on other social platforms, such as Threads, Instagram, and Facebook. If you like what you see, would like to see something specific, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping in to check out my website.

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30 years of job experience! Computer Automation. IT Professional. 

Merit is Might!

30 years of job experience! IT Professional. Computers, Electronics, Solar. ACM Member. Inventor of the Metamorphic Odyssey Cube. MOC. “Metamorphic Odyssey Cube”

“Who is MrNetTek?” “Who is Eddie Jackson?”