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Email #1

I wanted to say that I found your posts on PowerShell to be a great educational 
resource, between the simple command style scripts to the more complex ones, it has 
all been extremely useful for me. Thank you for posting everything.


Email #2


Many thanks for this awesome article! (Windows 10 – Install SQL Server 2005)

Have a nice day :-)



Email #3

Thanks for sharing this important PowerShell script to get the failed patches detail on network 
system. I'm using it and it is working for me.

Thanks & Regards,


Email #4

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me about PowerShell. Your advice is unbelievably 

Take care my friend.

Technical Support Specialist


Email #5

Hi Eddie,

I wanted to say thank you very much for your website! I'm such a big fan and learning 
a lot from reading your posts.

Thank you,


Email #6

Hi Eddie,

I just think I take a while and write you an thank you note :-)

After update to newest Win10 my NAS stopped to be recognised.

As I am sure a lot of users out there, I used the browser to search for the fix.

None of the solutions I searched for weeks worked.

Once I stumbled over the SMB protocol issue today and after another research, I found 
your solution.

Tried to enable SMBv1 via DISM worked partially, the server didn’t start.

Added the /all switch make 100 results and my NAS folders are back.

Thank you for your effort to make this blog which helped me out.



Email #7

Hello Mr Jackson,

My name is Youness, I work as IT support and I would like to thanks you concerning 
your post about: Bitlocker Windows10


Email #8

Hi Eddie,

After crawling the internet, I stumbled across your website looking for a way to 
install Xcode on an old iMac. Thank you for the post! You have a great website as 
well, and I hope you continue to generate intellectual pieces.

Take care,


Email #9

Dear Eddie,

I've been struggling to figure out what in the world I'm doing in my career 
because for the past 13 years, I've been doing many different things. I don't 
have much else to say except thank you. Your resources are also helpful, and 
inspired me to study more. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

Have a great day!



Email #10


I would like to contact you, following your extremely comprehensive guide on 
installing SCCM. The SCCM guide is helpful.

Sorry for my English I'm French.




Email #11

Dear Sir,

I've read all the topics which you have updated on the portal. I'm really happy and 
thankful to you for this kind of amazing work. I've done all my setup so now required 
troubleshooting guide if you have it documented. It would be great help me. Thank you 
so much again and blessings for your family.

Thanks & Regards



Email #12

Dear Eddie,

Hope you are doing well.

This is Nilesh, from India.

I was refer your SCCM 2016 Setup guide. It was a very helpful to me for installation 
& configuration of SCCM server in my company.

Thank you so much for this information. Good luck.



Email #13

The powershell script that detects power status is great. 

I'm using it with task scheduler like you recommended. 




Email #14


I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your code shown at 

PowerShell – Adding Tabs to a Form
You saved me a bunch of work as I’m just getting started on WPF and the paid solutions are “cute”. You rock! JJ


Email #15

Thank you for the information on Azure. It helped me a lot with certification.




Text Message #1

Thanks for the very helpful C# code sample.



Text Message #2

Thanks for the efficient, clear encryption/decryption code. Works perfectly for my 
current need.



Text Message #3

Hi Eddie,

I came across your website which is full of resources. I'm impressed your dedication and hard work.

I'm an IT professional living in London, UK.

It's great to connect to a person like you.



Twitter #1


Loving your work Eddie! very helpful


many others…


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