“An algorithm must be seen to be believed.” – Knuth


Recommended Books






Algorithms Fundamentals (Sedgewick and Wayne ) (website)  [free]

Algorithms on reddit (website)  [free]

Algorithms on stackoverflow (website)  [free]

Algorithms on twitter (website)  [free]

Algorithm Notes for Professionals (PDF) (257 pages)  [free]

C# Algorithm Exercises with Solutions (w3resource) (website)  [free] [excellent]

Understand the Concept of an Algorithm (NTU) (PPT)  [free]

Analysis of Algorithms Study Guide (Princeton) (website)  [free]

Data Structure and Algorithms Tutorial (TutorialsPoint) (website)  [free]

Algorithms and Data Structures (Princeton) (lectures) (PDF)  [free]

Study Guide for Algorithms (University of Virginia’s College at Wise) (PDF)  [free]

Algorithms (University of Illinois) (PDF) (472 pages)  [free]

Skiena’s Algorithms Lectures (video) (audio) (PDF)  [free]

Quizlet Algorithms (website)  [free]

Introduction to Algorithms (MIT) (course)  [free]

The Art of Computer Programming (if you dare) (Knuth)  [paid]



Quick Sort
Merge Sort
Heap Sort
Insertion Sort
Bubble Sort
Counting Sort
Selection Sort
Radix Sort
Bucket Sort
Permutation Sort

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