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New Creative Cloud app is available here:


Some things to note:

  • Adobe is changing how enterprise installs are done, opting to move app control and app updates to the cloud. I’m guessing this is to reduce piracy, while enforcing updates.
  • The app set-up.exe (from the download) will work, however is no longer 100% silent, and cannot be completely automated. {Adobe, say it ain’t so…}
  • For a fully automated enterprise deployment, you need to log into Adobe, and access the Cloud Admin Console. Appropriate rights are required to view the Admin Console. From there, you can create a downloadable, enterprise deployment package.



Rather than being forced to use the online Admin Console, which requires licensing and rights, try using the Build folder I captured, minus the latest app update.

  • Create a Build folder.
  • Download the
  • Extract contents of to Build folder.
  • Download the latest desktop app from Adobe.
  • Extract contents of desktop app.
  • Rename set-up.exe to set-up.dat.
  • Copy contents of desktop app to Build > ASU.
  • Create your own package, calling the setup.exe. For my package, I used a self-extracting EXE in WinRar, pointing to the setup.exe. file

ASU folder

Self-extracting EXE

Prepare for awesomeness



L e g a c y   S u p p o r t

Silent Install

Use a set-up.exe from a previous version to get around the initial Cloud setup.

set-up.exe –silent –ADOBEINSTALLDIR=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\CreativeCloud” –INSTALLLANGUAGE=en_GB


Silent Uninstall

Found the silent option inside the EXE…

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\Utils\Creative Cloud Uninstaller.exe” -u





Check out the -pid parameter


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