Python Silent Installs

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Depending on whether you download the MSI or EXE type, this is how you would silently install Python.


%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /i “%CD%\python-2.7.11.msi” /qn /norestart


“%CD%\python-3.5.1.exe” /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0 TargetDir=c:\Python351


“%CD%\python-3.7.0.exe” /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0



Python Releases for Windows

Using Python on Windows



I packaged to a deployable EXE using ExeScript. You can also use a self-extracting WinRar EXE.


All of the options available in the installer UI can also be specified from the command line, allowing scripted installers to replicate an installation on many machines without user interaction. These options may also be set without suppressing the UI in order to change some of the defaults.

To completely hide the installer UI and install Python silently, pass the /quiet option. To skip past the user interaction but still display progress and errors, pass the /passive option. The /uninstall option may be passed to immediately begin removing Python – no prompt will be displayed.

All other options are passed as name=value, where the value is usually 0 to disable a feature, 1 to enable a feature, or a path. The full list of available options is shown below.

Name Description Default
InstallAllUsers Perform a system-wide installation. 0
TargetDir The installation directory Selected based on InstallAllUsers
DefaultAllUsersTargetDir The default installation directory for all-user installs %ProgramFiles%\Python X.Y or%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Python X.Y
DefaultJustForMeTargetDir The default install directory for just-for-me installs %LocalAppData%\Programs\PythonXY or%LocalAppData%\Programs\PythonXY-32
DefaultCustomTargetDir The default custom install directory displayed in the UI (empty)
AssociateFiles Create file associations if the launcher is also installed. 1
CompileAll Compile all .py files to .pyc. 0
PrependPath Add install and Scripts directories tho PATH and .PY to PATHEXT 0
Shortcuts Create shortcuts for the interpreter, documentation and IDLE if installed. 1
Include_doc Install Python manual 1
Include_debug Install debug binaries 0
Include_dev Install developer headers and libraries 1
Include_exe Install python.exe and related files 1
Include_launcher Install Python Launcher for Windows. 1
InstallLauncherAllUsers Installs Python Launcher for Windows for all users. 1
Include_lib Install standard library and extension modules 1
Include_pip Install bundled pip and setuptools 1
Include_symbols Install debugging symbols (*.pdb) 0
Include_tcltk Install Tcl/Tk support and IDLE 1
Include_test Install standard library test suite 1
Include_tools Install utility scripts 1
LauncherOnly Only installs the launcher. This will override most other options. 0
SimpleInstall Disable most install UI 0
SimpleInstallDescription A custom message to display when the simplified install UI is used. (empty)

For example, to silently install a default, system-wide Python installation, you could use the following command (from an elevated command prompt):

python-3.5.0.exe /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0

To allow users to easily install a personal copy of Python without the test suite, you could provide a shortcut with the following command. This will display a simplified initial page and disallow customization:

python-3.5.0.exe InstallAllUsers=0 Include_launcher=0 Include_test=0
    SimpleInstall=1 SimpleInstallDescription="Just for me, no test suite."