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Recommended Books


Serious Python: Black-Belt Advice on Deployment, Scalability, Testing, and More

Learning Python, 5th Edition Fifth Edition (Great for new-to-intermediate learners)



Official Python Documentation ( (website)

Python Releases for Windows (  [free]

Using Python on Windows (  [free]

Python on reddit (website)  [free]

Python on stackoverflow (website)  [free]

Python Programmers on twitter (website)  [free]

Python on macOS  [free]

Python on Linux  [free]

Python IDE PyCharm  [free]

Python IDE Spyder  [free]

Python Notes for Professionals (PDF) (816 pages)  [free]

Python for Everybody full course (YouTube) (13h 40m)  [free]

Introduction to Python Network Programming (YouTube) (3h 3m)  [free]

My Python Vault (coming soon)  [free]

Cheat Sheet (no starch press) (PDF)  [free]

5 Projects (learn by doing these)  [free]

Project Ideas (github) solutions  [free]

Applications for Python (  [free]

Python Network Programming (Udemy)  [paid]

Python 3 Network Programming (Udemy)  [paid]

Python Network Programming (w3schools)  [free]

117 Python Exercises (Exercism) (website)  [free]

Python shopping (amazon) (website)


Where to Start?

Install an IDE (Spyder is a great one)
Choose a great book.
Choose a video course from YouTube
Practice, practice, practice!




pinned: { User Input and Basic Logic }  { Simple Form, with Function and Button }

Python – Count Words in String
Python – Read JSON File

Python – Read Text File, Parse Data
Python – Prevent Screen Sleep and Screensaver
Python – Change File Names from European to American Dates
Python – Pass Argument to a Button Command in Tkinter
Python – Change to Current Script Directory
Python – Update Image Dynamically
Python – Delete File
Python – Test for Palindrome
Python – Test for Anagram
Python – Launch URL
Python – Minimize-Restore Window/Form
Python – Write Lines to Text File
Python – Read Lines from Text File
Python – Exit Window/Form
Python – Enable-Disable Button
Python – Simple Function
Python – ICSplit – Split Google Calendar File
Python – Silent Install (notes on 2.7.13150 as well)
Python Silent Installs
Python – Hello World


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