Mac – Bash – Uninstall DLP

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First, you need to download the This file can be found on Fileconnect. Inside of this file you will find this binary Symantec_DLP_xx.0_Agent-IN\DLP\xx.0\Endpoint\Mac\x86_64\uninstall_agent.

Once this is on your system, you need to give it permissions to execute. “chmod o+x uninstall_agent”

Then you run it with this command: “sudo ./uninstall_agent“. If you are not familiar with sudo you will be prompted for the current user’s password to run the command.

You will be prompted to proceed with the uninstall, select Y, and hit enter.

To use a path, do this from a terminal window

chmod o+x /PathToFile/uninstall_agent
sudo /PathToFile/uninstall_agent -prompt=no


You can add -prompt=no, to suppress the Y prompt


What a bash script would look like (for deployment and packaging)


chmod o+x ./uninstall_agent
sudo ./uninstall_agent -prompt=no
sudo installer -pkg ./AgentInstall_WithCertificates.pkg -target /