Slack – 4.0.2

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New Slack setup is available here:


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* note, this application is installed in the Current User security context

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view contents: 4.0.2.txt

Silent Uninstall

"C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\slack\Update.exe" --uninstall -s






Download Slack for Mac

Contents of setup.exe

Contents of slack-4.0.2-full.nupkg



Slack 4.0.2 August 19, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Videos in channels were found to be the cause of a minor (but pesky) memory leak that has now been well and truly plugged.
  • It’s taken a few tries, but the app should now crash less often when connected to an external display. Hopefully.
  • On opening your computer, the app is now, thankfully, more likely to launch properly every time. And, if you’re using the direct download version, you can choose whether that launch is in the background, or front and center.
  • We spruced up the notifications a little so now they’ll not only show up every time you need them to, they’ll show up looking like whatever theme you wear proudly on your sidebar. Neat.
  • Now whenever an app update is available, we’ll send you a polite little notification to tell you so.
  • If you’d become used to opening Slack from a shortcut on your desktop or menu… you’ll know that we broke that recently. Sorry about that. It is now unbroken once more.
  • While using focus assist in Windows, we’ll now assist that focus further, by no longer serving you noisy notifications. Sorry about that.
  • Using the alt key to move focus to the menu is great… but was a little over-excitable. Should you tap it by mistake (or otherwise), it will no longer take ALL the focus, and you can continue to do other things.


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