Amazon – Open Directly To ‘Look Inside’

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I’ve always loved Amazon’s Look Inside book feature,  where you can review some of the book’s content before purchasing it.



Something you may not know, is that if you wanted to add a link to your website….and launch directly to the opened book, you can. It’s quite a simple trick, really.

First, you find the book on Amazon, and note this part of the URL address in bold:


Second, on your website, you add the following URL as a hyperlink (note the part in bold):


This works, because you’re using the book’s Amazon ID, with the URL reader-link action. I found this when reviewing the code on one of the Amazon pages.

Here, take a look at a working link:

Windows Administration at the Command Line for Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 (Paperback)


And, if you wanted to add the book cover:


This is such a great way to recommend books at your site. I’m hoping you find this useful, and maybe try it yourself.  The only caveat is…the book in question must actually have the ability to be reviewed; not all books do.