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VBScript – Insert Line into Text File

SCCM – VBScript – Set Wallpaper Policy
SCCM – VBScript – Hide Desktop Icons
SCCM – VBScript – Disable Right Click
SCCM – VBScript – Disable C Drive
AI – VBScript – Finding Indexes – Pattern Recognition
VBScript – Scan and Replace a String in Text File
VBScript – Return Drive Letter by Drive Label Name
SCCM – PowerShell, VBScript – Name Computer in Task Sequence
VBScript – Write Specific Hard Drive Attributes to Registry
VBScript – Create Automated Remote Assistance Session
SCCM – VBScript – Return Data from SCCM DB No DSN
SCCM – VBScript – Return Records from Database with DSN
VBScript – Check to See if Web File exists, Download It

VBScript – Translating Characters that have been Substituted
C#/VBScript – LANDesk Client Elevated Repair – Proof of Concept
VBScript – Encoding and Decoding a Stored Password: v1
VBScript – SCCM Change Site Code
PowerShell/VBScript – Return Members from AD Group
VBScript – Is User a Member of a Group
VBScript – Determine Domain and Do Something
PowerShell/VBScript – Verify Credentials of Active Directory User
PowerShell/VBScript/Batch – Generate Report of Last Boot Time from Computers.txt
VBScript – Add/Remove User from Local Admin, based upon AD Group; User Aware
VBScript – Encode/Obfuscate Numbers in the Registry
VBScript – Skype Wrapper and Installer
VBScript – Return Gateway Address, Write to Registry; Site-Aware
VBScript – Return IP and Gateway Addresses; Raw formats
VBScript – Office 2016 Modified Scrubber
VBScript – Return AD Properties
VBScript – Write Active Directory FIM Properties to Reg Keys
VBScript – Copy Reg Keys from HKCU to HKLM
VBScript – Return Windows Product Key
VBScript – Listing Directory Contents in Pop up
VBScript – Join Computer to Domain – Automatically

VBScript – Return OU Path for Specific Computer
VBScript – Return All Available Computer Attributes
VBScript – Return Computer Object Properties into Text File
VBScript – Text Files: Read, Write, Append
VBScript – Unpin Shortcut from Start Menu
VBScript – Pinning Shortcuts in Order

VBScript – Simple Reporting from Active Directory
VBScript – Scan Computer for Specific Extension – Output to text file
VBScript – Delete Empty Folders
VBScript – Read Reg Key – Output to text file
VBScript – Return Only Numerics from String
VBScript – Return UTC with Parsing

VBScript – Convert Older Office Format to New Format
VBScript – Return Time Zone
VBScript – Create Task to Run with Highest Privileges
VBScript – Check File Version
VBScript – Search and Replace in Text File
VBScript – Delete Reg Key using VBScript
VBScript – Delete Line From a Text File
VBScript – Check Reg Key
VBScript – Batch – Script to copy last 10 lines from text file

VBScript – HTA – Check Internet Connection
VBScript – Read Text File into an Array
VBScript – Runas.exe with Passthrough Credentials
VBScript – Return COUNT from SQL Database
VBScript – How to Connect to a SQL Database and Return
VBScript – Record Data
VBScript – What are Regular Expressions
VBScript – Email Address Validation

VBScript – Loading User’s Registry Hive
VBScript – Return Installed Product with GUIDs
VBScript – Email via VBScript using CDO
VBScript – Managing Text Files
VBScript – Always Unlock a Specified Account
VBScript – Check Laptop Power Adapter Status
VBScript – Batch – Working with Hard Drive Stats and Transfer Times

VBScript – Check Windows Activation
VBScript – Generate User Profile without Logging in
VBScript – Check Remote User Login Status
VBScript – Check a Password for Complexity
VBScript – Return Manufacturer of Workstation
VBScript – Decoding Files
VBScript – Encoding Files
C#, PowerShell, VBScript – Return MD5 Hash
VBScript – Batch – Rename Workgroup Name
VBScript – Install Application Under Restricted User – with 3 possible passwords
VBScript – Create Local User Account via Input
VBScript – Checking Different Return Codes for Join Domain
VBScript – Check Domain Status
VBScript – Check Workstation Status in AD
VBScript – Scanning Reg Key Types
VBScript – Scanning and Changing Reg Keys
VBScript – Set Registry Permissions
VBScript – Set Black wall paper to the new build
VBScript – Determine whether a computer is VM or Physical
VBScript – Put User Picture in Active Directory
VBScript – Remove All Mapped Drives in VBScript
VBScript – Remove all PST from the Outlook Mailbox
VBScript – Take Screenshots
VBScript – Check Network Connectivity – Simple
VBScript – Determine Network Connectivity
VBScript – BitLocker Compliance Script
VBScript – Clear Multiple DNS Servers’ Caches
VBScript – Get Ping Information
VBScript – Read Names From File
VBScript – Event Log Scanner
VBScript – Record Logoff
VBScript – Record Logon
VBScript – Install Fonts To Workstations
VBScript – Copy Image File Based On Screen Resolution
VBScript – netdom.exe – Rename Computer Remotely
VBScript – Find Which OU A User Belongs To
VBScript – HTA – Join Machine to Domain HTA – with object verification

VBScript – Verify if Computer Object Exists
VBScript – Add Dynamic Data to AD Description Field
VBScript – Add IP Address to Zone
VBScript – Add an ACE to write TPM recovery information to AD DS
VBScript – Enabling BitLocker in a Script – Automated
VBScript – Rename Computer Model Number & Service Tag
VBScript – XOR Encryption
VBScript – Return Machine Model 2 Ways
VBScript – Hide Hard Drive Letters
VBScript – Countdown Clock
VBScript Count Files
VBScript – Create Outlook Signature
VBScript – Download Files from Website
VBScript – Check and Log into Form
VBScript – Delete all Temps in all Profiles

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