C# – Extract Email Addresses from Text File

Output Input.txt This text file contains eddiejackson1@test.com AA aa BB bb. This text file contains eddiejackson2@test.com CC cc DD dd. This text file contains eddiejackson3@test.com EE ee FF ff. This text file contains eddiejackson4@test.com 1234567890. This text file contains eddiejackson5@test.com 1234567890. This text file contains eddiejackson6@test.com 1234567890. Output.txt eddiejackson1@test.com eddiejackson2@test.com eddiejackson3@test.com eddiejackson4@test.com eddiejackson5@test.com eddiejackson6@test.com

C# – Encrypt Message to Text File – Decrypt Message from Text File

Using the Security.Cryptography class, you can encrypt and decrypt files pretty easily. I was experimenting with taking a plaintext message, encrypting that message into a text file, and then reading and decrypting the message. Something that fascinates me is the encryption key is stored and can be extrapolated from the text file. Compiled in Microsoft Read More …