SCCM – Mac – Zscaler Installation Command

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Creating a Zscaler Package

I normally use the Packages software to create a PKG file. The PKG can be used with the CMAppUtil tool to create a CMMAC file—then I import the CMMAC into SCCM. This gives me the ability to automate the installation of Zscaler using a specific policy configuration.


Step 1

In Packages, copy the into Payload > /Users/Shared/zscaler

Step 2

Create a simple script (save as

sudo sh “/Users/Shared/zscaler/Zscaler-osx- –cloudName YourCloudName –policyToken YourCustomToken2B12343631234465612D234264322B343733372E393166322E636164323564643838411234
–strictEnforcement 1 –useDomain” -target CurrentUserHomeDirectory -verbose > /Users/Shared/zscaler/log.txt


Step 3

In Packages, copy the to Scripts > Post-installation option.


Step 4

Build package.

Packages creates your-package.PKG file.


Step 5

With the PKG, you can now use the Microsoft CMAppUtil tool to generate the CMMAC file.

* Be careful with the CMMAC creation process. Sometimes other PKGs end up in the package file; remove those before adding to SCCM.