“We love the things we love for what they are.” – Robert Frost

Written by me

* many were written in my twenties…when I was just a young pup



Sickles, trickle a faded love
Failing, trailing a dying dove

Raining, staining this weary soul
Mostly, ghostly takes its toll

Glooming, looming in a missing mind
Fears, tears a heart to grind

Strongly, wrongly the people stare
Starkness, darkness is more to bear

Dreaming, redeeming all to be lost
Lastly, pastly my life it must cost


The Sound

the sound of sound was a mechanical noise
one that brought thunder to the cosmic air
drifting through the hourglass of time
the sand of the universe was not always there

the sound of sound stretched far and wide
creating galaxies filled with life
first came planets, moons, and stars
then from the dust, husband and wife

it was the sound of sound
that created you and I
a family of the universe
the children from the sky



A dream is laughter on the edge of a razor,
a sorrow in the midst of a storm
A dream is a song that sings in the heavens,
a celestial sonata of ethereal form

A dream is a trance that travels in summer,
a nightmare that dances in the dark
A dream is a shadow in the corner of your eye,
one that possesses you, but never leaves a mark

But most of all…
a dream is a ghost that makes no sound
one that drips its madness,
while holding you down



Rhyme and reason fall prey to treason
In a land of the free, only the blind can see

I gazed to the skies, and observed the past
the ancient spells of the gods, that did not last

First it was Hera, and the Milky Way
Then mortals on crosses, grotesquely portrayed

The evolution of it all, wrapped in divinity
prayers to a sun, and a holy trinity

The quest of man, forgotten in time
lost in a universe, lost in a rhyme

Trapped in a path, around a star
never to know, quite who we are

In the end, I stand alone
looking up, before turning to stone



The Gods are Dead

The ancient gods, a distant mystery
the reigning kings, of human history
A tiny universe, in a grain of sand
a world turns, in the palm of their of hand

They build their castles, in the sky
never thinking, of you or I
The highest lord, the lowest savior
beckons belief, and questions behavior

If we are, to stand alone
then the laws that are, should be our own
If the gods cannot, and will not act,
then justice must be, no more a fact

In the end, there is only you
who walks this life, as you do
The stronger you are, the further you’ll go
this is the gospel, all that I know


Love Thieves

There is a distant shore, little love thieves live
On the sandy beach, the passion they give

In the night, dancing around the fire
Never so happy, so much desire

Sing and dance, the hours drift away
Never the night end, they want to stay

Suddenly they fly, like in their dreams
They go so high, soaring it seems

If they do wake, from this deepest sleep
Life no more, they want to keep


Lost in Time

A flame upon the candle
And a shadow in the corner
There might have been a love
If only I had known her.

Somewhere on this malicious earth
Lies the single rhythm of life
Hidden and devisely secluded
In the spider web of strife.

The offer of a clear music
Has never been dimly made
With the ruthless vast duration
A lonely ghost will soon portray


Shadow Thoughts

dark corners lit with neon edges
crooked walls held together by tape

men that look like rain
and women that are the sun

every day, a new oldest adventure
in a thoughtless circle of marbles

music, life, and love
all like a plastic, glass diamond

with binary in my heart
and circuits in my brain

with a sad faith in one hand
and a happy fiction in the next

not hardly a place to live
in this cold shadow I call home



follow the black rabbit
down the white rabbit hole

tell the mad hatter to drink tea
but give him coffee

drink me and eat me
but stay nothing but the same

mass confusion makes sense
and logical sense stirs madness

tell Miss Alice she is a boy
but accept her as a girl

in a world that is upside down
and the downside up

the Chester cat tells all the truths
and you tell all the lies


Alone in the Darkness

Angels fall, into a silent night,
so cold are we, just never right.

The missing emotion, starts to pain you,
the blind faith you have, is so untrue.

Taken and devoured, by darkest obsession,
our sinking hope, falls in depression.

Love is no more, there is only sadness.
How could you not understand, this is madness.

Shadows surround us, they are crying,
We have lost our way, these souls are dying.