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Je pense, donc je suis; I think, therefore I am.” – Rene Descartes

Personal Philosophies

Always stand tall for what you believe in, never stop questioning, keep an open mind, and learn to rise above it all. If you really want to change the world, learn to develop and share your knowledge; become a doer, not just a mere dreamer.


Quotes by me

Anything worth having is worth earning. – Eddie

If you want to be the best, you need to do things that make you the best. – Eddie

No successful person ever followed all the rules. – Eddie

Having the ability to see the future is not all that difficult, if you combine the past, the present, and hard work. – Eddie

It’s the bricks of today that build the castles of tomorrow. – Eddie

You want a real challenge? Try reaching your potential. – Eddie

In your life, always be driven towards your potential; walk to the edge of madness, but not one step further. – Eddie


Yale Philosophy Literature

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Philosophy Information & Media
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The Thinker Descartes Plato Socrates Aristotle
Thinking Man by Auguste Rodin Philosopher: Descartes Philosopher: Plato Philosopher: Socrates Philosopher: Aristotle
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Nietzsche Kant Ockham Hobbes Berkeley
Philosopher: Nietzsche Philosopher: Kant Philosopher: Ockham Philosopher: Hobbes Philosopher: Berkeley
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Locke  Rawls  Nozick  Mill  James
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Philosophy Documents
Recommended Reading

Plato's The Republic

#               document name
01  (doc)  Yale_How_To_Write_A_Philosophy-Paper_(YaleLectures).rtf: 27KB
02  (pdf)   African Philosophy.pdf: 71KB
03  (pdf)   An Introduction to Philosophy – Fullerton.pdf: 840KB
04  (pdf)   Buddhism_Philosophy.pdf: 855KB
05  (pdf)   Changing the Ideology and Culture of Philosophy Not by Reason (Alone).pdf: 271KB
06  (pdf)   Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy.pdf: 228KB
07  (pdf)   Environmental Philosophy.pdf: 117KB
08  (pdf)   Essays on Education and Educational Philosophy.pdf: 290KB
09  (pdf)   Evolution and Philosophy.pdf: 212KB
10  (pdf)   Guide to the Study of Philosophy.docx: 30KB
11  (pdf)   Heraclitus.pdf: 151KB
12  (pdf)   History of Medieval.pdf: 3.167MB
13  (pdf)   KeyPointsofPhilosophers,PoliticalThinkers,andLeaders cheatsheet: 43KB
14  (pdf)   KNOW YOURSELF SOCRATES.pdf: 60KB
15  (pdf)   Krishna_The_Man_and_his_Philosophy.pdf: 3.302MB
16  (pdf)   Logo and Philosophy Implementation.pdf: 1.521MB
18  (pdf)   Philosophers and Philosophy Noam Chomsky.pdf: 1.271MB
19  (pdf)   Philosophy 745_catalog_2008.pdf: 4.901MB
20  (pdf)   Philosophy and Philosophers.pdf: 364KB
21  (pdf)   Philosophy of Mathematics.pdf: 154KB
22  (pdf)   Philosophy of Mind and the Problem of Free Will in the Light of Quantum Mechanics.pdf: 242KB
23  (pdf)   Philosophy of Money.pdf: 3.113MB
24  (pdf)   Philosophy of Science and Ethics.pdf: 121KB
25  (pdf)   Philosophy What I can do with this major.pdf: 11KB
26  (pdf)   Philosophy_cyclopedia.pdf: 2.947MB
27  (pdf)   Plato.pdf: 960KB
28  (pdf)   Poverty-Philosophy.pdf: 464KB
29  (pdf)   Pre-Socratic Greek Philosophy.pdf: 247KB
30  (pdf)   Principles of Philosophy Rene Descartes.pdf: 365KB
31  (pdf)   Proof Theory and Philosophy.pdf: 1.062MB
32  (pdf)   Russell, Bertrand – A History of Western Philosophy.pdf: 5.020MB
33  (pdf)   Socrates.pdf: 50KB
34  (pdf)   Socrates_Blumenau_Ch4.pdf: 40KB
35  (pdf)   Spark Notes Meditations.pdf: 224KB
36  (pdf)   The Adventure of French Philosophy.pdf: 61KB
37  (pdf)   THE APOLOGY OF SOCRATES.pdf: 64KB
38  (pdf)   The Nature of Legal Philosophy.pdf: 61KB
39  (pdf)   The Philosophy and Neuroscience Movement.pdf: 441KB
40  (pdf)   The Philosophy of History.pdf: 1.690MB
41  (pdf)   THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUMANISM.pdf: 1.360MB
43  (pdf)   The Practice of Philosophy.pdf: 100KB
44  (pdf)   The Republic by Plato.pdf: 1.277MB
45  (pdf)   The Star Trek Philosophy.pdf: 46KB
46  (pdf)   Three Philosophies of China Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.pdf: 38KB
47  (pdf)   TrialOfSocrates.pdf: 27KB
48  (pdf)   Types_of_philosophy.pdf: 103KB
49  (pdf)   What has AI in Common with Philosophy.pdf: 106KB
50  (pdf)   What Is Experimental Philosophy.pdf: 26KB
51  (pdf)   What Is Philosophy.pdf: 279KB
52  (pdf)   Whystudyphilosophy.pdf: 137KB
53  (pdf)   YogiPhilosophy.pdf: 830KB
54  (pdf)   …………
55  (pdf)   …………
56  (pdf)   …………
57  (pdf)   …………
58  (pdf)   …………
59  (pdf)   …………

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