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Recognition from IT Manager

Hands down, Eddie Jackson is THE best systems guys I have ever worked with and one of the nicest people I have ever known. From a personality perspective he is top notch.  Having Eddie on your team provides everyone a sense of comfort and reassurance knowing that everything he touches will be done as close to perfect as humanly possible.  And, from a managerial perspective Eddie is someone who you will be proud to have as the face of your department.

Fredrick Lackey, IT Manager


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From Those I Serve

Zack Webb, IT Director, Kaplan, Inc.

I feel extremely privileged to have Eddie Jackson as a member of the Desktop Engineering Team. He exhibits all of  the Kaplan Core Values: Integrity, Knowledge, Support, Opportunity, and Results. Eddie’s dedication to his job is shown by the quality work that he does daily supporting his peers and the Kaplan business units. Eddie is an outstanding employee and an asset to my team and the Kaplan organization.


Jonathan Abramson, Sr. Desktop Architect, Kaplan, Inc.

Eddie has been an integral part of software deployment for Kaplan and a very important member of the Desktop Engineering team, as well as supporting the Orlando center. Eddie works tireless hours and always stays until the job is complete. He is always willing to work on even the most difficult and last minute high priorities and never quits on them. Even if it means starting on them late on a Friday afternoon, he stays on the project until it is completed.

A perfect example of this is the effort he gave on the multiple iterations needed for the latest Kaplan Toolbar roll out. Starting late one Friday afternoon in November, we had multiple redo’s of this package due to rapidly changing requirements. Eddie stayed on the call until after 9:30 that night creating and testing multiple iterations of packages until we had a final one completed with all the needed changes.

Thank you for all you do from the shadows.


Jose Espitia, Systems Analyst, Akerman LLP

I had the pleasure of working with Eddie Jackson for two years at Kaplan Inc and I must say that it is very rare that you come across someone as knowledgeable Eddie. He has a very strong technical background and he never fails to impress with his superb scripting skills. Eddie’s ability to create packages from scratch can be an extremely valuable asset for any company. I have seen him create scripts that have never been attempted and successfully deploy them to thousands of users without any issues.

Even with his busy schedule, he is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone that is willing to learn. Eddie is a perfect example of a team player and he is someone that every I.T. professional should strive to be.


Michael Ricardo, Operations, Brookfield Properties

Eddie Jackson is one of the most dedicated IT individuals I have ever worked with. His passion for IT is second to none, and he is extremely knowledgeable in the business process. His scripting talent is very much coveted, and is a valuable asset to any IT team. I have no doubt that he will be successful at anything he does!


Brian Jung, Amazon Web Services

Eddie was a Senior Tech at Halifax Hospital when I was only a Tech there. In the relatively short amount of time I was employed at Halifax Hospital; I could not stress the importance of Eddie’s influence upon me when it comes to developing my knowledge and career decisions. Eddie was always on time, worked very diligently, and had more patience than I knew any person could ever have. Especially with all the questions I threw at him on a day to day basis regarding all kinds of things. His ability to manage multiple projects and actually get work done on those multiple projects is still a skill set I desire and have yet to get close on but it’s something that I strive for due to the impact he had left on me. If I recall, during the short time I worked with him, he had won the Employee of the Month at Halifax Hospital which I knew was much deserved even though I only worked with him for a short period of time.  I can’t stress enough how much of a valuable asset Eddie would be to any organization and how his influence affects others in a positive light.


Christopher Collins, Technology Services Lead, Kaplan, Inc.

Hello. I am the Kaplan Technology Services Lead for the East Group.   I have been working with Eddie Jackson on creating an important distribution package for our ground campuses. This package is the key piece of software for all of our Dental Programs.   This package has turned out to be quite challenging to create. It requires specific permissions, multiple restarts, and responses to non-standard dialog boxes. Also, the company that makes the software has said that it cannot be done. This did not stop Mr. Jackson. We tested the package today and it has been a complete success. His extensive knowledge of package development, creative problem-solving ability, and refusal to give up have saved countless man hours in the field. Please pass along my gratitude to Mr. Jackson for all of his hard work, perseverance, and patience. It has been a pleasure working with such a professional and knowledgeable member of your team.


Bonnie Sanderson, Owner, Syntris Technology

It was my pleasure to work with Eddie on a lengthy project at Florida Health Care Plans.  He was involved in  every aspect from the beginning and planning stages through implementation.  As an integral part of the project, Eddie approached every task with enthusiasm.  He was knowledgeable, professional and well-prepared.  Eddie is a person of good humor, and well liked by everyone.  Eddie would be a true asset to any company.


Jose Fuentes, Technical Operations, Florida Hospital

Eddie is the tech of all techs so to speak. I’d have to say he one of the most knowledgeable persons I’ve encountered, not just with technology, but many other subjects. He is constantly striving and improving himself to become better with his career, and I endorse Eddie Jackson with his endeavors.


Telly Belanger, IT Director, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University

I worked with Eddie for a year at Halifax Medical Center. In every engagement, Eddie demonstrated a depth of product knowledge, a broad understanding of customer needs as well as an ability to provide the most appropriate solution to the customer. His technical knowledge, attention to detail and dedication, makes him a valuable asset to any organization. I can easily recommend him to anyone in need of such a high-caliber individual.


Ann Edwards, Sr. Business Analyst, Halifax Medical Center

Eddie provides excellent customer service and satisfaction. He is a high achiever who is always willing to accept a challenge. He never stops learning; his enthusiasm for his profession always shines through.


Charles Sintes, Meditech

Mr. Jackson has shown me through several interactions that he was and is dependable, strategic, and energetic. Eddie’s insight with technologies has been an asset and resource that I have depended on for many years. Mr. Jackson has been a superior consultant in our combined efforts and I look forward to working with him in future endeavors.



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